ISSA aims to provide opportunities worldwide for people who dream of learning to sail to make a start in a sailing school. Also, ISSA provides an international career path for sailing and windsurfing instructors to teach sailing and windsurfing in other countries.

ISSA is a non-profit international association which provides a framework of common standards of quality and safety for sailing and windsurfing schools throughout the world. The ISSA standards apply equally to the certification of students completing sailing and windsurfing courses at all levels of ability. All ISSA sailing and windsurfing instructors are trained to the same of levels of competence.

ISSA is managed by a committee elected from its member sailing and windsurfing schools.

ISSA schools offer training in many areas of watersport activities

  • Training for Instructors
  • Leisure Sailing
  • Professional Sailing
  • Leisure Power Boats
  • Professional Power Boats
  • Speciality Courses (SRC, Sea Survival etc.)