Cyprus Example Sailschool

We are offering professional sailing courses. Beside gaining much knowledge, we think that having a lot of fun helps you on your learing curve. So all lessons will the a success. This is an example of a profile of a sailing school.

Have fun while sailing around Cyprus.


We offer a 3 day sailing trip from Limassol to Agia Napa, the party city of Cyprus with many beautiful beaches, white sand and crystal clear water.

Like real sailors we will enter Agia Napa by boat and use our dinghy (small motor boat - tender) to reach the beach.

You will learn to plan a sailing trip, how to set and keep course and sailing by night.

  1. Day
    1. Planning the route, reading the weather map esp. the wind directions.
    2. Sailing to Agia Napa in about 8 to 10 hours.
    3. Swimming in the sea, driving to the beach, getting some food.
    4. Making friends and party.
  2. Day
    1. Exploring Agia Napa by day.
    2. Cruising around the several beaches. Swimming and a short visits of the beaches.
    3. Making party in the clubs.
  3. Day
    1. Leaving Agia Napa and heading west back to Limassol after planning the route depending on the wind direction.
    2. As this will be an upwind direction (against the wind), you will learn how to sail with tacking.
    3. We will reach Limassol in the afternoon.